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AURORA - a new three-deck yacht of a class deluxe on Maldives islands, corresponds all international requirements. Constructed in 2007 on modern shipyard under the control of skilled experts, Aurora is a modern motor vessel. All decks and surface details of the case are executed from fiberglass that provides necessary hardness, and also thermal and acoustic isolation of engine rooms.
Speed: 12 knots
Size: 28.5 mtrs
Capacity: 16
Type: Luxury


Elegant spacious cabins were projected so that to provide to visitors the maximal convenience, the area of each of them on the average makes 13 sq. m. Internal premises are decorated by a tic, mahogany and a pine.


From 1Ñ…350 horsepowers "Kohler" 27 kW "Kapton Marine"


Scuba Diving, Cruising, Fishing, Surfing


The conditioner with individual adjustment Bathroom: a toilet, a shower cabin - cold and hot water


Kandoogashoshuge 6/fl, Orchid Magu, Maafannu, Male, Maldives tel./fax : +(960)753-10-35, +(960) 746-42-82, +(960) 766-43-86 Sankt-Peterburg: anton@maldives-aurora.comи Phone: +7(812)703-01-91, +7(812)967-76-69


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