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22 Years of ADEX : a Succesful Adex 2017 Singapore
Adex 2017 held in Suntec City, Singapore
10 Apr 2017

22 Years of ADEX : a Succesful Adex 2017 Singapore

ADEX is the longest running and the largest dive expo in Asia celebrated its 22nd year in 2017. Adex has always been a must-attend event for anyone interested or involved in the world of diving, the event has seen a continuous increase in visitors over the past few years, with ADEX 2016 attracting a total of 57,793 visitors over three days!


Adex Singapore took place from April 7 - 9, ADEX 2017 and proudly presented world-renowned marine life artists, conservationists and photographers to speak about their passion and work towards marine life. It is organized by Underwater360 (UW360), and is an event being endorsed by major organizations in the industry such as DEMA (USA), and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). 


Instead of a marine creature, ADEX 2017 was dedicated entirely to Climate Change and the impact it is having, and will have, on the oceans. As the biggest challenge facing nature and humanity, team of ADEX think the dive industry needs to face it head on and lead the way in combatting this threat to life on this blue planet.


With its success in Singapore, ADEX expanded to China in 2014 with both shows now running annually, ADEX Singapore happening every April and ADEX China taking place in Beijing every September.



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