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ADEX Singapore 2018
14 Mar 2018

ADEX Singapore 2018

Operating since 1995, ADEX is the biggest and longest-running dive expo in Asia, becoming one of the most popular events in the industry. Since its handover to Underwater360 (UW360) in 2009, ADEX has seen significant expansion in size and variety, settling in Singapore, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Previously known for being an established trade-show in the industry, ADEX has since evolved to be more than just a dive show, welcoming divers, non-divers, families, and students with its attractive programmes and festivities. The show serves as an invigorating platform for the diving community – giving them a voice and providing a space they can meet, exchange ideas, and get recognition for their achievements. ADEX is dedicated to an endangered marine species every year to raise awareness of the threats they face and heighten conservation awareness. With a new species each year, visitors are always treated to fresh and exciting content delivered by the experts. The event is proudly endorsed by major organisations in the industry such as the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA), Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and the China Underwater Association.

In 2018, ADEX will be dedicated to sharks. Just like in 2010, when we started to combat the pressing issues facing sharks and their survival, we will be educating a new generation to raise awareness about their fragile existence. Showcasing some of the world’s top shark conservationists, defenders and photographers, ADEX 2018 will change the way the world views sharks.

Image Festival

ADEX works with a wide network of incredibly talented photographers. From extreme explorers to the masters of macro, the Image Festival is a visual showcase of the world below the waves.



Film Festival

Bringing together some of the most inspiring productions dedicated to our beloved big blue, the Film Festival is meant to inspire and educate visitors through this visual experience



Mermaid Festival

At ADEX, visitors have the chance to see these mythical creatures come alive as they swim and perform in the dive tank. Children can meet the mermaids and take photos with their favourites.



Freediving Workshop

Visitors have the rare opportunity to sign up for freediving workshops conducted by freediving record-holders



Tekdive Conference

At the Tekdive Conference, the pioneers of technical diving share their passion for exploring the deeper ocean trenches that

are out of reach for the average diver. It is the go-to place for tekdiving enthusiasts around the world



Voice of the Ocean Photo Video Competition

A competition where the world’s best and aspiring photographers, cinematographers and artists showcase their work to a panel of judges in front of a live audience



Try Dive

In the hopes to introduce more people to the sport, visitors with no experience in diving have the chance to try it out in a safe d environment with the most qualified instructors



Water Sports

ADEX not only supports the diving community, but all sports and skills related to the ocean. Visitors are treated to an array of watersports presentations and tryouts at the pool. On the luxurious end, a yacht show will also be available for interested parties to attend



Art & Music

ADEX welcomes artistic talents who appreciate the breathtaking colours and textures of our oceans. Visitors can observe how these masters of artistic expression use their art to convey important messages of conservation

Kids’ Zone

We provide a wide range of activities, competitions, and craft for children to learn about conservation and celebrate the ocean

Trade360 Business Forum

This forum provides an opportunity for open discussions on sustainability within the diving industry. Visitors are invited to join industry leaders and key players to talk about the future of the diving business



Conservation is a key part of ADEX. We hope to inspire visitors with talks by some of the best conservationists whose mission is to save the ocean


History Corner

Executed by the Historical Diving Society Asia, the History Corner enlightens visitors on the history behind diving


Book Festival

Visitors can get their hands on the latest books from internationally renowned writers and underwater photographers. Presentations from the authors are followed by a book signing session for interested participants


Lucky Draw

To thank our visitors for their huge support, lucky draws are held on all days of the event, with prizes provided by our generous sponsors

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