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Male' Atoll - Maldives

Dive Points

Maldive Victory

Dive Site:                Maldive Victory
Type of dive :          Wreck dive, ascent & descent on a rope.
Depth Range :         16m - 30m
Photography :         Wideangle lense (14mm-28mm) is recommended. Although some good opportunity for macro shots.
Special Feature :    Sunk on Friday 13th 1981, a 110m steel cargo ship. All cargo rooms are all open for easy penetration. Teeming with fish; even some of the pelagic variety. Limited to experienced divers due to the great depth and strong currents sometimes found in the area. Good opportunity for Photographers.

Banana Reef

Dive Site:            Banana Reef
Type of dive :      Driftdive
Depth Range :     5m - 25m
Photography :     Use a moderate wide angle to standard lense 20mm - 35mm for landscape and napoleon.
Special Feature :    Driftdive along a steep slope with overhangs and nice soft and hard coral. Napoleon wrasse and white tip reef sharks are sometimes seen in this area where the lobsters sleep between the rocks and the overhangs. The beautiful site is well suited for beginner and less experienced divers.

Maagiri Caves

Dive Site:     Maagiri Caves
Type of dive :     Driftdive
Depth Range :     5m - 30m
Photography :     For the landscape and eagle rays the use of a wide angle lens (14mm-28mm) is recommended. Although with a 50mm-100mm lens you will get some good images of the honeycomb morays.
Special Feature :    A nice wall reef with a huge rock in front of it creates an impressive canyon, making it an exciting dive. Beautiful soft oral in greater depth with small caves up to 6m. Schooling yellow snapper, fusilier, giant and honeycomb moray eels as well as occasional eagle rays can be seen here.

Dive Site:             Potato Reef
Type of dive :       Anchordive, descent and ascent on a rope.
Depth Range :      5m - 25m
Photography :     This is a place for macro photographs. Use a 50mm - 100mm lens for the moray eels, stonefish and gobies.
Special Feature :    Myriad of colour glaze this beautiful reef where the marine life is abundant. Only about 100m in diameter, it provides excellent opportunities for keen uw-photographers. The reef is covered mainly in hard coral and crustacions. Massive moray eels are found here, as well as the extremely rare ghost moray. The dense lionfish population is really amazing and if you have good eyes, this is your chance to spot some stonefish. Surrounded by soft white sand, the reef is home to innumerable garden eels.

Dive Site:             Lankan Caves
Type of dive :       Driftdive
Depth Range :     8m - 30m
Photography :     Use of a wide angle lens 14mm - 28mm is advisable for landscape, fish school, tunas and turtles.
Special Feature :    An extension of Lankan Reef, this site contains remarkable caves starting at 30m going up to 10m. Beautiful hard and soft coral as well as huge gorgonians decorate the caves and makes the perfect place to watch tunas, jacks, with occasional appearances by napoloeons and turtles.

Dive Site:    Colosseum
Type of dive :     Driftdive
Depth Range :     10m - 30m
Photography :     Use a 14mm - 28mm for schooling snappers, sharks and pelagic fishes.
Special Feature :    On the outside is a crescent shaped cliff, a great place to watch pelagic fish swimming by. The reef here drops down very steeply and is covered with hard coral. Inside the channel, the reef turns into a slope with nice soft coral. The marine life here is rich with pelagic species, sharks, eagle rays and all sorts of reef dwelling fishes.

Dive Site:    Aquarium
Type of dive :     Driftdive
Depth Range :     10m - 30m
Photography :     moderate wide angle - standard lens (20mm- .35mm) for turtles, sharks and napoleon wrasses.
Special Feature :    Drift dive along the outer reef of Lhohifushi Island. Once round the corner, a slope covered with corals goes down to 20m, curling an creating a bay of sorts. A massive coral block here is home to thousands of small fish and countless golden moray eels. Sharks, napoleons and big pelagic are to be encountered in the aquarium. At the sandy bottom, there are sting rays to see.

Dive Site:    Embudhu Canyon
Type of dive :     Driftdive
Depth Range :     8m - 30m
Photography :     For the scenario and fish schools use a 14mm - 28mm wide angle lens.
Special Feature :    A huge rock in front of the reef creates an exciting canyon with lots of caves and overhangs. Colourful soft corals make this site a delight for photographers with schools of yellow snappers and oriental sweetlips unconsciously posing for the perfect picture. Chances are high that there will be encounters with eagle rays, napoleon and sharks.

Dive Site:    Giravaru Caves
Type of dive :     Driftdive
Depth Range :     7m - 30m
Photography :     Wide angle 14mm to standard lens 35mm rcommended for the caves and the snapper schools.
Special Feature :    Drop-of with big overhangs and caves. The inside of some caves offer fantastic views of the blue sea from inside them. Big schools of midnight snappers swim among the hard and soft corals and the gorgonians. Pelagic fish and eagle rays are also common in this area.



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