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Ocean Oasis (Horizon 3)

Ocean Oasis (Horizon 3)
The Fiberglass twin engined Horizon III is among the best boats in the Maldives offering comfort, style to indulge Maldivian island cruises. This yacht is the latest addition to the Blue Horizon fleet, and began her cruises in 2009.
Speed: 14 knots
Size: 35 metres
Capacity: 22
Type: Luxury


Horizon III can take 22 guests, but we will only take 14 guests maximum. She has 8 Standard Rooms, Panoramic 2 Deluxe Rooms and Panoramic 1 Master Room = 11 Cabins. Standard Cabins: Air Conditioned STD 08 Cabins with attached private shower. Panorama Suite: Air Conditioned 01 Suite with attached private bath and shower. Panorama Deluxe: Air Conditioned 02 Deluxe cabins with attached private bathroom.


Vessel Specification FRP Yacht: Horizon-III launched in 2009 (Ocean Oasis) Propulsion: Diesel 360 hp x 2 engines Electricity: 70 ¬ 80 Kw x Diesel 2 Generators (220V, 50Hz) Safety: Fire Alarm System, CCTV camera, CB Set, Mobile Phone and 2 Tenders. Water Maker:6 tonnes x 2 units Storage: 8 tonnes of Diesel and 6 tonnes of water Comfort: Spa, Sauna and Jacuzzi


Scuba Diving, Surfing, Cruising


Horizon-3 is among the top yachts in Maldives offering unparalleled service and style for those who come to go to the best adventure spots of the season. She also has a Sauna, Jacuzzi and Spa service.This first 2 marine engines (twin screw) yacht created from fibre glass in Maldives offering comfort and safety. She has sailed in rough weather within very good stability. She also has 2 water makers and marine 2 generators with CCTV camera for the safety of the clients.




  • Ocean Oasis (Horizon 3)
  • Ocean Oasis (Horizon 3)
  • Ocean Oasis (Horizon 3)
  • Ocean Oasis (Horizon 3)

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