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UAE yacht builder Gulf Craft appoints Gregory Yeakle as the new CEO
Gregory Yeakle
07 Jun 2018

UAE yacht builder Gulf Craft appoints Gregory Yeakle as the new CEO

UAE yacht builder Gulf Craft has appointed Gregory Yeakle as its new chief executive officer following the move of former CEO Erwin Bamps as advisor to the board for international matters.

Gulf Craft is among one of the world’s largest luxury ship builders, having started the business over 37 years ago.

Gregory Yeakle joins Gulfcraft in the capacity of CEO after holding top positions in companies such as Informix, Alexander Proudfoot Company and Invensys. He was most recently the global head of the Oil and Gas division of Accudyne Industries.


Yeakle was also the head of operations for Cornerstone Management Consulting, where he worked with the Gulf Craft group.

According to the group’s chairman, Mohammed Al Shaali, “This experience has helped to ensure a smooth leadership transition.”

Yeakle added that, “These are challenging yet exciting times for the industry. Innovation and technology are combining to provide amazing new products and services possible for Gulf Craft. As a lifelong boating enthusiast, I am delighted to have the opportunity lead Gulf Craft into the next phase of its global expansion”.


The yacht and boat builder has seen growth with new models launched annually, as it continues to explore opportunities to venture into new markets in the coming years. The company’s first mega yacht is currently under way.

Gulf Craft also have its dockyards and Boat Building factories out of the UAE,  including one in the Maldives covering a big market for Luxury Tourist Transport Vessels.  Most Popular Transport Vessel brand in the Madivian Market includes Touring 36, 38 and now with the growth of 40 and 48. 

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