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Seagull Marine Opens Outlet in Hulhumale
Seagull Marine Opens Outlet in Hulhumale
03 Oct 2018

Seagull Marine Opens Outlet in Hulhumale

Seagull Marine has officially opened its first outlet in Hulhumale City.
Seagull Marine is one of the leading companies that supplies marine equipment and materials related to boating industry has been in the industry for over 3 decades and represents some of the finest brands including International Marine Paints.
Seagull Marine deals in a diverse range of world-class marine solutions and is a leading importer, wholesaler, and retailer of marine products of the highest quality.
Seagull Marine has garnered a strong reputation for dealing in marine solutions of the highest standard, providing marine products that conform to world-class specifications and employing the most knowledgeable individuals guaranteeing professional services.
Apart from the newly opened outlet, Seagull Marine has one more outlet located in Ameenee Magu, Male City.
Seagull Group, which operates Seagull Marine, is one of the most renowned conglomerates in the nation and a pioneer in Maldives trade. The group operates in a range of sectors encompassing cafés and agriculture to being one of the finest importers of marine ware in the Maldives.



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