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Hikkaduwa - Srilanka

Surf Points

Hikaduwa Main

A left and right reef break breaking over sand/rock bottom

Level: Intermediate
Length of ride: 50-100 meters lenght
Crowds: a busy crowd
Closest big city: hikadua
Closest Airport: colombo



A left and right beach break breaking over sand.
beach about 600 meters long wich picks up swell quite easy. about 1 foot bigger then the breaks around. easy wave that can barell on a good day. the lefts are short, rights better.

Level: Intermediate
Length of ride:50-100 meters lenght
Crowds:  normal crowd

Closest big city: Galle
Closest Airport: Colombo



A right hand pointbreak breaking over coral
Usually in the 3-4ft range and like most places on this coast worked best in the morning and late afternoon.

Level: ntermediate
Length of ride: short
Crowds:  normal crowd
Closest big city: alle
Closest Airport: Colombo




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